No Comment – 20 picoctf 2014 writeup


The CD you find has a copy of your father’s website:homepage.html. Maybe something is hidden in the site…

One more thing that you need to take care when playing this ctf is that you can’t play dirty tricks here such as sharing of the flags between the teams doesn’t work here 🙂 in all most all the cases except the case where the problem is generated statically. So some of the flags may not work for you all the time so you better repeat the process that I have mentioned about in the post and get your own flag 😀

this is what the hint says “You may want to use your browser to view the source of the web page.


The first thing that we need to do when we get a web challenge is to see the source of the web page, if you don’t figure out what’s going on then you can give a try at other thing so, lets see the source page of the website 🙂

This is what you see

no-comment-sourceSo as the name of the challenge says “No Comment”. I hope that you guys don’t do the same thing when you are hosting one website of your own 😛

So the flag is:


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