Picoctf 2014

Latest update 🙂

Now Picoctf has officially started the registration for the year 2014 you can find more about it at https://picoctf.com/

I am not sure when this happened but the website design has been changed, and a lot of changes such as the interface and cool design as usually for a hacking competition by ppp 🙂 I don’t know what they are going to name this as last time it was named as toasted wars 🙂

Get soon registered for this ctf, don’t make a second thought even though picoctf can take any number of people for its game

I was just have a look at the picoctf website and I saw this hot news all of a sudden on this day 🙂  (21st september)

Also remember that one more good news is that picoctf 2013 is not going to be stopped and as per a ppp member picoCTF 2013 is still available at 2013.picoctf.com. Both picoCTF 2013 and picoCTF 2014 will remain online indefinitely 🙂 that’s a good thing to hear 🙂 from them.

so if any of the previous url doesn’t work just add “2013.” before it and it should work well, so practice well and I will also be posting more writeup whenever I have some free time 🙂

let the hacking begun 😀


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