Byte Code: 70

This is a very simple problem  ( to be frank this is nothing )

Here is the question :

You need to authenticate with the guard to gain access to the loading bay! Enter the root password from the vault application to retrieve the passkey! This class file is the executable for the vault application.

Hint: You’re probably going to want to use a Decompiler for this, such as JD-GUI

This sum makes us to think in the way of reverse engineering :). We are given a “.class ” file and we need to find the password from the code 🙂

If you have a look at the hint, it says that you need a Decompiler to get the Java code and it gives an example as JD-GUI.

Yeah, you can install any application based on your wish in your system 🙂 as this is a simple question anything will work fine

You can Decompile the file online without any application from this website

You will get a zip file from the website, I think everyone know how to extract a zip file 😛

Just upload the class file to the website and you get the code in a mater of seconds , You need not know Java to solve this problem (I too don’t know what Java is :P)

But if you look at the code you will understand that the password is “MYTywxaohr”

Screenshot from 2014-08-26 21:15:48


In case the you were facing problem with the above process here is source code 😀

Flag : “MYTywxaohr”


2 thoughts on “Byte Code: 70”

    1. I have just now checked the showmycode website, it is working perfectly, if you don’t like the online process you can do it offline by using jd-gui application which can be downloaded at I would be happy if you describe in detail what is the problem with the above process. Feel free to contact me at “” 🙂 😀


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