Yummy: 60

I am writing this  write-up after a bit of time 🙂

This question is related to the web and if you see the hint you will know that it is related to the cookies 🙂  (If there was no clue, then you could have come for the cookies from the viewing the source page which contains the line DEBUG: Expected Cookie: “authorization=administrator”

The link in the comment goes to the wiki page of the cookie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie

Basically cookie is nothing but a piece of information stored in the browser itself. As it is stored in the browser we can change the value of it easily 🙂

You can change the value in of them in chrome by following this procedure https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en-GB

But I use a small extension called “edit this cookie” to make our life a lot easier 😛


If you have a look at this in the given website https://picoctf.com/problems/yummy/

What you need to do after getting this app on is that just add a new cookie with name authorization and the value as the administrator 🙂

Then the magic 😛 and we get the list of the docking numbers 😉

Screenshot from 2014-08-25 21:20:15

And you can enter any one of the ships that are awaiting for launch 🙂

Flag : “DX6-7”  or “DX7-2” or “DX9-5” or “DX4-9”

Carry on with the same spirit 😉 and solve the whole questions



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