Spaceport Map: 55

This challenge is the basics of the forensics in which we need to solve it by finding the hidden password.

This is the very basic of the all and here is the question

The map of the spaceport is hard to parse, but you’re pretty sure there is some hidden information, somewhere…


This is the picture of the gif and if you have a look at the clue you will be gone to the wiki page ie..

To solve this we need not know all the about the graphics interchange format. But what you need to know is how to make the gif which is nothing but the collection of the pictures same as videos but a bit different.

You can open it in gimp(linux) or photoshop (windows). If you observe git carefully you were not able to read one of the picture which fades away so fastly . So if we could split the git we might find the key in one of the pictures. As a online editor I used this website If we select the option of the split we get all the frames of the gif and we could find the key in one of the frame.


To be exact it is the third frame of the gif and you can see the key clearly

Key : Do passports let you fly interstellar?


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