First Contact: 40

This challenge is related to Networks and this challenge is just to know the coordinates of the ship by observing the conversation between the robot and the ship . Here is the question

You notice that the indicator light near the robot’s antenna begins to blink. Perhaps the robot is connecting to a network? Using a wireless card and the network protocol analyzer Wireshark, you are able to create a PCAP file containing the packets sent over the network. You suspect that the robot is communicating with the crashed ship. Your goal is to find the location of the ship by inspecting the network traffic. You can perform the analysis online on Cloudshark or you can download the PCAP file.

You can get the file if the above links doesn’t work form here

When I didn’t know what a pcap file is and how to analyse it, I got the answer by just giving the cat command in the terminal

But now I laugh if i think about what I have done to solve the problem.

Here are some suggested links to know the basics of the PCAP file.

I suggest you to use the graphical interface instead of the command line interface as we have a lot of data in the file and it becomes very difficult to take care of everything . The best one among the tools available is Wireshark. It is available for both the platforms linux and windows. For more details click the link given below

I will say how to solve the problem using the wireshark. Just click the pcap file and open it with the wireshark

Screenshot from 2014-08-13 19:14:46

This is how it looks like when you open it with wireshark (mine look a bit dark I use this theme to have less strain to the eyes usually it will be in white colour)

Right click on one of the packet and select follow the stream

Screenshot from 2014-08-13 19:27:48

This is the conversation between the robot and the spaceship . Robot is represented red and the Spaceship is blue in colour. Usually the robot  is the browser and the Spaceship will be the Server

As you can see the coordinates are 37 14’06″N 115 48’40″W

Ans:-37 14’06″N 115 48’40″W




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