After solving the first two questions we get the third one named as xmlol lol as indicates this is a very simple and after solving this you feel that this question is a piece of cake and you will definitely lol (laugh out loud – i hope that everyone know’s this).

Here is the question

The book has instructions on how to dump the corrupted configuration file from the robot’s memory. You find a corrupted XML file and are looking for a configuration key:

And if you have a look at the clue give below you will be redirected to the following link which is the Wikipedia page of the ‘file’.


Here are some suggested links to know what a xml file is



And if you see the source code of the page in the browser or save the file as xml and the open the file in an editor such as ‘gedit’ instead of a browser we get the same result . The browser tries to read the xml file as an html and gives the output.

You might have found out that xml file also may be used to send information. And the lucky part is that we get the key as the information.


Once you solve this we get a lot of question to solve. carry on šŸ™‚



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