Read the Manual: 30

Here is the question

On the back of the broken panel you see a recovery manual. You need to find the emergency repair key in order to put the robot into autoboot mode, but it appears to be ciphered using a Caesar cipher.

You can get the manual in the above link or you can download it here

In the question they have specified that the file ( here recovery manual ) is ciphered using a Caesar cipher.

One may not be knowing about what cipher is here are some links which tell you the basics. ( In this Ceaser cipher is 6 th one )

I think that you understood what a caesar cipher is, In this computer world you need not sit trying all the keys possible from A-Z instead you could use an online decoder for this purpose . The one which i used is

Here you just paste the given text in the file to the box to encrypt just keep the key as guess and the magic happens.


here is screenshot.

Screenshot from 2014-07-31 18:21:22

As a hint they provided a good video . You can see it at


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